Top Sales and Marketing Trends in 2022

Top Sales and Marketing Trends in 2022

Each year comes with its unique obstacles, especially for sales teams as they navigate changing business landscapes and buyer trends. However, the one objective that remains constant is to increase sales revenue. Here are some of the top sales and marketing trends that will help you tread carefully and make bold moves with your marketing strategy, and enable your organization to successfully implement marketing automation solution.

CX is king – Don’t ignore it

In this market, customer experience has a tight grip on your revenue, and not just your brand reputation. Plus expectations are higher than ever in the post-pandemic buyer era and companies that fail to be quick, easy-to-use and accessible will fall behind. Eighty-six per cent of buyers are willing to pay more now for a great customer experience hence the sense of urgency for companies to step up their marketing automation solutions and make things happen. Some of the more crucial aspects of customer experience you need to focus on in 2022 are:

  1. Personalization
    According to 2021 Forbes research, 98 percent of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships. There’s no product that sells itself anymore, customer-facing persona makes all the difference making CX an underrated priority for businesses. When the CX is strong, the buyer won’t need to struggle over the price because they’ll be satisfied with the product and the experience.
  2. Conversational sales and social selling
    A lot of the discussion is taking place primarily on social media and even on casual communicational channels like the chatbot. You don’t need a monumental social media presence, but keep in mind that if a customer wants to look up your company, they will check your socials. 
  3. Keep it short and sweetTake the opportunity to interact with customers casually and efficiently. Make sure you set up your social media accounts and prioritize website communication, and optimize your marketing cloud to enable useful synchronization across the CRM solution. Your bottom line will thank you.

Keep your sales team happy 

While most companies have made big moves to accommodate consumers and partners, especially during the pandemic few have acknowledged the unsung heroes keeping the company afloat. Keep your sales team motivated and make them feel appreciated. Reward smaller sales successes and watch how incentives like these motivate employees to go above and beyond which will surely reflect on the bottom line presented in your organization’s CRM solution.

Embrace technology and digital sales

Gartner analytics predicts a whopping 80 percent of B2B sales interactions will occur digitally by 2025. Remote work dominates in most industries and buyers still prefer to make purchases online which means digital sales is where the magic happens. A further step that every organization needs to take to further their progression in this new wave of innovation is the use of a personalized marketing cloud to enable marketing automation solution to amplify their digital sales. 

Start personalizing your email and chat communication and train your sales teams on CRM solution software. The use of a CRM solution will not only create a better digital workflow but will drastically improve your sales pipeline.

The most important trend is a strong CRM

You can only go so far, but without a powerful CRM solution, you’ll find yourself at a formidable cul de sac. According to the 2021 Sales Trends Report, 92 percent of sales teams are already using or planning to purchase a Sales CRM solution. If you have a poor CRM solution or worse – none at all, you are facing an uphill battle against the competition. 


That’s where we step in! Dtc Force

Use data and analytics to drive revenue

Sales analytics can’t predict the future, but do make it easier to strategize by making realistic predictions based on current sales, industry trends, and financial health; thus enabling organizations to achieve marketing automation solutions

Sales analytics give you the insight you need to understand where you stand and where you need to be in terms of increasing revenue. For example, analyzing the timeline of email-open rates allows sales, and marketing cloud experts to observe patterns of behaviour via the CRM solution. Are they more likely to open a company email when it’s sent within a week of the first interaction? What are the demographics of the email openers? They can then ascertain how this will impact their strategy. It gives you better visibility about what works and what doesn’t, what needs tweaking and adjustment and where you can improve the workings of the development of marketing automation solution.

Cross-department collaboration. Especially Marketing 

Sales and marketing need to work collaboratively because while the former dominates in B2B sectors, the latter dominates in B2C. It’s important to align sales with marketing so that both understand precisely whom they are targeting and the journey those buyers are making. Both functions also generate enormous volumes of valuable data via CRM solution and marketing cloud on customer segments and preferences that could enable organizations to achieve marketing automation solution.  



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