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Salesforce Sales Cloud for structured sales processes

Our salesforce automation services customize and optimize Salesforce for emerging enterprises, and startups for all kinds of industries. Improve your ROI with premium integration services and expert salesforce sales cloud consulting that provides you the roadmap to success. We focus on client-centric solutions that put your needs first. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a centralized force behind your entire business. Take advantage of advanced sales automation, refined analytics, and establish comprehensive management that extends to every facet of your customer sales journey.

salesforce sales cloud

Bringing out the best in your salesforce sales team

Make your Sales team more productive with salesforce automation that gives a holistic view with Predictive Lead Scoring, Automated Activity Capture, and Lightning Dialer elements. The Salesforce Einstein functionality retrieves data from the sales process through Artificial Intelligence. Get access to several tools and workflows along with back-end connectivity with social media platforms to personalize the sales processes. 

Here are some of the key features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud that helps your sales team reach their full potential. 

Sales Path

Sales managers define the sales process and make it manageable by showcasing the actions expected from sales reps at each stage. 

Lead conversion process

Tailor this to your business needs whether for B2B or B2C and set up a process to convert leads into opportunity, account and contact. Introduce automated workflows and validation criteria to make lead conversion smoother and more consistent. 

Reports and dashboards

Review sales reps’ performance and keep track of sales’ figures and monitor factors that improve productivity. WIth sales forecasting, make smarter sales decisions and strategize well.  

Process builder

Create automated workflows that empower sales managers with extra opportunities to supervise sales reps’ performance.

Sales cloud Einstein

AI-powered analytical capabilities give more accurate sales predictions with the help of an advanced analysis of historical data, business trends and previous engagement. 

Our partners are finding great success with Sales cloud


Lead Sigma

LeadSigma is a sales-tech platform that plugs leaky sales funnels by connecting online forms & efficient provides actionable follow-up tasks.


Bradford Scott

Bradford-Scott is a distributor of Sharetec Credit Union Software, one of the most widely used Credit Union software packages in the U.S.

watson living sales cloud

Watson Living

Watson Living is a New York based VC backed PropTech start up that is on a mission to make rent more rewarding for all parties.

suite talkers - travel mgmt - sales cloud - consulting

Suite Talkers

A travel management consultancy with over 12 years of hospitality experience, helping the patrons choose the best suits while travelling.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Will May
Noble Gas Solutions

“DTC did great work, they felt like part of our company while we were working on the project. They scoped everything out and really helped us step back and see the 50,000-foot view, and then zoom in on implementation. We could not be happier with the results of our project. We would recommend them to anyone for highly skilled customer-focused assistance with Salesforce implementations.”

Jes Stumpf
Vermont Surrogacy

I had worked on a Salesforce build with another company, who did not complete the project and left it in an unusable state of disarray. DTCForce took on the project, revamped it and completed it with great knowledge and efficiency. I have worked with them to make further improvements and plan to under go another major project with them in the New Year.”

Andy Lazarakis

“Jawad Nasser and Jack Grewal were excellent. They helped us to stay on schedule, were flexible in meeting with us when needed, and responsive to our needs for assistance. Excellent process, would both choose them again and recommend them to others.”

Sam Baker
United States Asset Recovery

“As far as efficiency, flexibility, and overall project evaluation: you all have been excellent business partners and we have had nothing but a good experience. We’re more than satisfied with all your’s efforts.”

Customized Salesforce Cloud Consulting for Each Industry

We help you meet your customer’s expectations and deliver quality user experiences so you can connect with them whenever and wherever. Customer services enable you to build loyalty and trust with your users and empowers your agents to deliver exceptional experiences.

How we do it

We take you on a journey beyond Salesforce implementation to ensure all business optimization initiatives generate value for your business.

Progressive strategizing 

Our team works closely with you to understand the ideal business outcomes. We strategize the way forward by aligning solutions with your vision and industry needs.

Integrated solutions

Seamlessly integration across all CRM platforms helps us help you. Faster time-to-market and a comprehensive customer experience is the best way to optimize operations.

Optimal digital experiences

The end-user is always the focal point for us at DTC Force. We’re passionate about designing UX/UI interfaces that resonate with your target audience.

Leveraging the power of data

Faster data-driven decision making helps you solve potential pain points before they surface. We want to create scalable sales processes, so we deep dive into data and use accurate insights and analytics to help you strategize.

Empowering diverse set of industries to operate more efficiently


Empowering the manufacturing industry with data insights to curate seamless digital experiences.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our experts build personalized, and scalable digital solutions that prioritize patient care and efficiency.


Boost employee engagement and improve the customer experience. Powering transformation within the organization, to get scalable growth.

Professional Services

Helping businesses grow their brand and increase brand loyalty, we deliver seamless digital experiences

What can the Sales Cloud do for you?

Sell better, and smarter. The Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you more autonomy to sell how you want and when you want.Connect with your customers and make an impression. Sales Cloud lets you manage sales processes, members of your support team and critical business metrics in real time.

Build your revenue.

Increase sales rep productivity across the board and all your revenue by putting all your sales activities on a single CRM platform.

Make mobile and virtual your new normal.

Make sure your sales team stays connected with the easy-to-use apps for virtual selling, enablement, sales forecasting, and planning from wherever they are.

Get support every step of the way.

Equip your sales team with tools to sell more and close deals faster with regular feature releases.

Frequently asked questions

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based application designed to help your salespeople sell smarter and faster by consolidating customer information, keeping track of customer interactions, and automating everyday tasks. Automating the process ensures the team uses time more productively – on closing deals– as opposed to being bogged down by administrative tasks. time on administration and more time closing deals. For sales managers, Sales Cloud gives real-time visibility into their team’s activities, so forecasting sales with confidence is easy. The Sales cloud adapts to the way your team works. 

  1. Close deals more efficiently — Keep track of all your customer information and interactions in a single place that’s accessible from anywhere, any time. Always have the most up-to-date contact information, address customer questions, and see all relevant customer activities. Increase time to value.
  2. Get more leads — Sales Cloud helps nurture potential customers and turns them into a quality lead who’s ready to buy, then automatically routes them to your sales rep at the right time. 
  3. Get productive — keep track of calls, respond quickly to hot leads, work opportunities, and check dashboards from anywhere. Salesforce automation helps save time and keep your team productive. 
  4. Make insightful decisions — Sales Cloud dashboards give your team the bigger picture and insights on customer activity helps you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

Sales Cloud lets salespeople sell smarter and faster, and helps them manage the company’s contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, quotes, and deals all in one place. Service Cloud helps companies target customer service using accounts, contacts, cases, and solutions. The decision of which you need depends on which area of your business you’re trying to improve.

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which accommodates every business size, from sole proprietorships to global enterprises. It’s easy to scale according to your needs. 

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