How To Use Salesforce to Enhance the Customer Experience?

You are doing everything you can to sustain your clientele. Your business functions are running smoothly, you have a top-notch marketing campaign in motion, and your website consistently generates leads and converts them into customers.

But, within a month or so, your competitors are swiping your customers right under your nose. How are they able to do that?

With the growing competition, you need all hands on deck to keep your business growing. This is where the salesforce service cloud comes into play. 

With the implementation of the salesforce service cloud, DTC Force will make sure that your customer service team not only gathers all the necessary information in one place but also rapidly and efficiently distributes it to the relevant consumers.

But how can you integrate the salesforce service cloud into your business functions to enhance the customer experience? Continue reading to find out.

Table Of Content

    1. Get Customer Data in One Place by Using Integrations
    2. Understand Customer Patterns & Habits
    3. Incorporate Salesforce with Your Customer Service Platform
    4. Track Interaction Frequency:
    5. Create Consumer Profiles

5 Ways to Integrate Salesforce to Enhance the Customer Experience

According to experts, customer experience covers various interaction points of customers with the brand on a wide array of platforms. You can count all the social media activity on various channels, email interactions, and on-call engagement.

If you have been in the industry for some time now, you will know that customer acquisition is far more expensive than customer retention. This is precisely why you must hang on to the customers you already have, build customer loyalty, and ensure your customers have the best digital buying experience with your brand.

Moving to the question, how can you use the sales force customer service to enhance this process? Let’s find out.

  1. Get Customer Data in One Place by Using Integrations

Go back and look at how marketing and sales teams worked together. They would always be at each other’s throats, asking for customer data that wasn’t easily dispatched.

With the help of the salesforce service cloud, you can use integration to create a smooth data funnel that will give the agents a 360-degree view of every customer purchase.

For instance, your marketing team might use HubSpot, whereas your sales team might use Salesforce. Now, your customer services team uses Zendesk. With the help of the salesforce service cloud, you can integrate all these platforms and acquire every detail about your customers.

This way, your marketing and sales team won’t have to rely on a third party to give them the information they need to smooth out a process. All the information and data will be available at their fingertips, which they can use to entertain customers as quickly as needed.

  • Understand Customer Patterns & Habits

Once you have all the essential data of your customers, now you need to realize their patterns to provide them with what they might be looking for. To provide your customers with a better service experience, you need to understand how they act and how to reach them.

With the help of their demographics, you will know what their age is and which social media platforms they are more likely to use. Does your target audience use Facebook or Instagram more? Would they be given information via live chats or emails?

Where do they engage more with your brand, and when are they more active on social media? Once you can assess their patterns, reaching out to them and giving them the best digital customer service experience will be far easier.

  • Incorporate Salesforce with Your Customer Service Platform

Not many companies realize this but providing top-notch customer services to your target audience is one of the newest and most proven ways to retain loyal customers.

If you think we are referring to after-sales services, you’re right. But after-sales services don’t just mean you are checking in with the customers now and then. You must also find a way to respond to customer queries and complaints in time effectively. Most customers won’t buy from you again if you don’t pay attention to their complaints.

This is where you can integrate the salesforce customer service into the customer service platform and respond to their queries as soon as they hit your inbox. The platform allows your customer service team access to all the customer information and their outstanding queries. It prevents their issues from falling through the crafts; no complaint will go unanswered.

  • Track Interaction Frequency:

If your customer hasn’t been in touch with you for a few months, chances are they’re no longer interested in your offering. The salesforce service cloud allows you to track customer interaction by sorting all the data by data into fields.

You can also automate the process, and in a couple of weeks or every month, the salesforce service cloud will inform you when a specific customer hasn’t come in contact. It is very easy with the software to track all the customers who haven’t contacted you for the last several months.

Slide into their DMs to let them know about your latest offering.

  • Create Consumer Profiles

With the help of the salesforce service cloud, you can create individual consumer profiles to understand your clientele better. Considering the many platforms on which consumers interact, they expect to have a seamless experience.

Using Salesforce, you can create individual profiles and track how customers interact with the brand. Provide them with the required information, something you feel they are interested in, and keep them engaged with your brand.

You need to ensure the customers have a cohesive experience across all channels where the communication is in unison.

Other clouds that take  customer experience to the next level include:

Community Cloud 

A community sales cloud is regarded as the only stop for all data resources and enables engagement and resource sharing simply and smoothly with customers and workers as well. It assists you in managing all of your client’s information and data, as well as improving interaction. You can monitor the productivity and engagement of your staff members.

Community cloud ensures that each user has an access to change its properties according to their needs and preferences and is easy to use on smartphones and tablets as well. 

Marketing Cloud

With the support of Marketing Cloud, you may communicate with customers in the most effective way possible to establish enduring bonds of trust. Consumers and businesses who need to meet their customers’ requirements can benefit from various methods for customizing communications.

 Experience Cloud 

By offering a quick and secure method of communication, the experience cloud enables you to personalize and boost productivity while also assisting you to forge meaningful bonds with your consumers. It offers excellent management and customization of various companies, their content, data, and collaboration. 

Final Thoughts

The digital world is growing consistently, and the competition won’t stop. More and more industries are paying attention to improving customer experience to keep retention. This is where the salesforce service cloud will prove to be very fruitful.

It allows you to integrate various cloud platforms of your business and enables the agents to ensure customers receive optimal information timely. So, if you were not considering integrating the salesforce before, maybe you should do it now.


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