ECI Job Boss ERP

ECI Job Boss ERP

ERP Software that will reduce the hardware, software and support burden you currently carry and replace it with freedom.

What you should know:

Formerly a product of ExactJobBOSS, the ECi JobBOSS is an ERP software that can comfortably be paired with your Salesforce. When paired, both systems make sure data integration operates seamlessly.

Integrate both software does not entirely separate them however, meaning your team will occasionally miss out on important information. This is where we come in.

The integration improves the visibility between your front and back office, sales, and services teams. It also makes sure important information is not missed, with your team being given a rundown of events, regularly.

The integration helps your team monitor the progress of status of ECi JobBOSS tasks, inventory levels, financial information, required resources, and work center details. New businesses can also be successfully closed by your sales team, and each new sale converted to ECi JobBOSS in the form of a new product with a BOM, a job, or a Sales Order.

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Why are businesses integrating ECi JobBOSS ERP and Salesforce CRM?

The integration makes it possible for you to monitor your Salesforce CRM and ECi JobBOSS. This means that you can grow your business from anywhere across the globe.

It also ensures that you get correct information on your ECi JobBOSS ERP and Salesforce CRM constantly, making it easier for you to improve credibility, leads, and income.

You get to reduce costs, consolidate your financials, improve customer satisfaction, as well as streamline your sales, processes, and customer service. Since there is no coding, server or mapping, your data also stays secured.

The ECi JobBOSS ERP and Salesforce CRM integration is made up of:

* Financial accounting data (customer payment terms and credit limits, open invoices, invoices on hold, multiple ship-to addresses, multiple bill-to addresses, and account history.

* Customer data.

* Sales order data (Open sales orders, sales order detail lines, and sales order history).

* Invoice data (Open invoices, invoice detail lines, payments, invoice history, and serial numbers shipped).

* Products.

* Custom Workflows / Opportunities / Orders / Invoices / Custom Objects.

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