DTC Force Case Study: VT Surrogacy Network

We created a process of registering, connecting and communication between Intended Parents & a Surrogate.

Based on certain criteria and calculations, an IP and surrogate are matched for IP’s approval. Each IP and Surrogate are now able to chat with each other and the admin separately.
We streamlined 13 Surrogate forms and 10 IP forms in to a single form for each.


Vermont Surrogacy Network provides families throughout Vermont, New England and the world with an ethical, affordable and supportive environment in which intended parents and gestational carriers are matched and guided through the process of surrogacy.

I had worked on a Salesforce build with another company, who did not complete the project and left it in an unusable state of disarray. DTC Force took on the project, revamped it and completed it with great knowledge and efficiency. I have worked with them to make further improvements and plan to under go another major project with them in the New Year.” – Jes Stumpf, co-owner


When DTC Force was approached by VSN,

❌ The project was abandoned in an unusable state by a ‘bigger’ partner

❌ VSN had a working but cumbersome system and process in place to organize their data.

❌ A flow needed to be created to register, match, chat, schedule meetings, and finally, make a decision on the pregnancy.

❌ They were using form stack to support their services but it was extremely tough to use it as it required manual intervention at multiple points of the process.

❌ Customer portals extremely difficult to navigate and prone to chances of error in reporting. We were approached to simplify the system and enhance the automation so as to reduce manual intervention and utilize Salesforce’s platform to create efficiency.


Solution / Results

✅  DTC reengineered the end-to-end business process and created a custom form submission module from scratch on Salesforce.

✅ 13 Surrogate forms and 10 IP forms were streamlined to a single form for each.

✅  These forms are dynamic and can have fields added and relabelled by the admin.

✅  The form module was embedded into the customer portal making it seamless for users to enter data and VSN to act on it in no time.

✅  DTC completely revamped the process of registering, connecting, and following communication between intended parents & a surrogate. A process that takes them through registration, matching, communication, scheduling meetings, and finally connect them with a decision on their application.

✅  Based on certain criteria and calculations, an IP and surrogate are matched for IP’s approval.

✅  Each IP and Surrogate are now able to chat with each other (one surrogate to one IP at a time) and the admin separately.

✅  Our implementation included an approach with custom form submissions in a module comparable to Formstack, embedding business process logic, and redesigning the whole customer experience through  the portal.

✅  VSN is able to grow and deliver their business across the world all by leveraging Salesforce as a solution.

✅  The robust nature of the CRM assisted DTC Force to be able to capture the right use case and provide exceptional value to VSN and its client/partner base.

✅  The VSN team is very happy with the new process that assisted them in better data management, ease of use, and efficiency in day-to-day operations.

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