DTC Force Case Study: Johnson Lambert, LLP

How Johnson Lambert got the most out of their Salesforce—by connecting everything. They went through a thorough health check with our team and here is how it all happened.

You can be the biggest fish in your pond, but still not be at your full potential. Every business has room to grow, and Salesforce is one of the best tools to do it—if done right. Johnson Lambert LLP found out just that when they worked with DTC Force. Being North America’s largest insurance-focused audit and tax firm notwithstanding, it suffered from what you might expect of a company with a 35 year pedigree.

Along the way, platforms, tools, tricks, workarounds and thousands of Excel sheets were added as the firm was growing, creating silos of data sheltered from the Salesforce instance. A disjointed on-demand learning experience with some analytics was in place—also completely disconnected from Salesforce. 

DTC Force Impact

With DTC’s efforts, a single source of truth for the entire operation was based in Sales Cloud, with Pardot for marketing, and custom Platform Development for streamlining workflows and automations. Using a dozen different integrations to create sockets for all the existing plugs, we managed to build a Salesforce solution that allows Johnson Lambert a 360-degree view of the business.

Result Outcome

Thousands of hours saved annually on reduced manual intervention and processes

A sleek on-demand video experience with integrated analytics

Every element integrated to make a more powerful core 


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