The Advantages of Native Salesforce Applications for Data Security

Are you worried about the security of essential credentials, classified documents, and data? Native Salesforce applications help secure data properly without breaching the confidentiality of any important data.

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What are Native Salesforce applications? 

Native Salesforce applications mean applications are built inside the salesforce platform instead of using an outside source to build an app by utilizing a Lightning method. 

Salesforce service cloud is known for its outstanding customer relationship platform and there is much more than just a CRM that salesforce doesn’t let you do it. You can easily expand your software’s functionality without breaching your data within or after the process. 

With the implementation of native salesforce applications by DTC FORCE that are built with exceptional functionality and high security for data and document safety, where you can easily expand the customized relationship with your customers without worrying about breaching important data information. 

Before we get into the advantages of the native salesforce applications. Let’s understand the depth of the native salesforce applications and differentiate between native and non-native applications.


Native Salesforce applications are those built within the Salesforce platform without using any external source. This means that data occurs within the salesforce platform of the customers and there is no link to any third-party interference or need. When we are using a native salesforce app and no third-party integration, salesforce provides all the CRM functions without any hassle. The platform provides them with the best salesforce service cloud, better performance, and personalized experience. 

On the other hand, non-native applications are built outside the salesforce platform and these applications are not secured as native salesforce applications. 

This is because the data is transferred to a third party and introduced to users with many complex data processes. In some cases, you need to hire and pay double to salesforce consultants to secure data by creating APIs which means you have to share your important data and there will be third-party integration.

The performance of these applications is not that satisfactory and rapid as compared to native salesforce applications. For instance, the finance sector needs a complete and sorted security system for their data security but non-native applications have failed to provide them with the desired and required platform for foolproof security. 

However, native applications of the salesforce financial service cloud can easily and accurately provide data security systems according to their needs and requirements which enhances the customized relationship with the customers.

Now let’s discuss native salesforce applications’ advantages for data security.


  • Accuracy of the data

The benefit of using a native sales application is that your data will always be accurate, stored, and relevant. This is because the salesforce platform ensures that whenever you update something, make a call, assign a task, or take a note, you won’t need to refresh the page or look for the most recent version. When you add or omit any data from the platform, Salesforce cloud will instantly provide the latest version to you.

  • Data Storage 

All client and customer data is kept on the salesforce platforms. It does not require sending or exporting data to any third-party or external servers to secure it. Salesforce allows you to export, download, and securely email your important documents, unlike non-native programs where you must share your data and sensitive information with third-party servers, raising security issues.

  • Security Settings 

All of the security of the salesforce platform remains the same with all of the other functions that include it in the salesforce platform, that all of the security systems have the same rules and regulations, and procedures that have been created within a salesforce, but this may not be the case with a non-native application. 

Still, with a native salesforce application, the security system remains the same that has been created for the salesforce itself. All security-conscious businesses, such as healthcare, the banking industry, and government organizations, may simply utilize this platform to secure their data. 

  • Constant Monitoring 

To avoid any problems or incidents, the intrusion detection systems continuously monitor and detect attempts to access the security system in Salesforce. Without using an external source, regular testing, ability testing, and continual monitoring are constantly called to occur within the Salesforce platform. 

  • Control of Data Processes 

When data is processed by a native salesforce application into sub-processors, it provides a written privacy section and written security agreement to the user for the data processor. When the user agreed with the agreement, it automatically forwarded to the whole system and proceeded accordingly, but if the user declined the agreement, the system would stop integrating with sub-processors.

  • Recovery and Reliability 

Native Salesforce applications always make sure that your data remain stored in the same place within the salesforce platform and it never has to leave, be shared, or be lost under any circumstances. 

The network of this platform stays alert and stores data redundantly so if one system is down, you can easily utilize other systems and functions without using any third-party server. 

These native applications allow us to restore and back up your data within 12 hours if any circumstance or tragedy happens, which means salesforce always keeps copies of your data so you can restore it instantly. 

  • Physical Data Security 

Native Salesforce application security covers more than just the digital sphere; it also covers the safety of your physical data. This data may be protected by authorized individuals around-the-clock in all circumstances to prevent any incident.


As we have stated, deploying native Salesforce apps has several benefits for data security as opposed to non-native ones, which have several security challenges and problems. We can go on without worrying about compromising sensitive information due to the Salesforce platform.


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