Is the Salesforce Health Cloud the best option for your business?

Salesforce Health Cloud offers a full solution for healthcare practitioners to interact with patients and keep track of each patient’s clinical or non-clinical data in one place. It enables doctors, patients, and nurses to get connected and get all necessary information quickly and accurately in one location.

Through connected healthcare consumers can also use this platform to get engaged with doctors and book their appointments, pay the bills, and obtain any data and information about the specialist they are looking for.

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    1. Benefits for Providers
    2. Benefits for Payers
    3. Benefits for Biotech/Pharma Companies
    4. Benefits for Medical Devices Companies


DTC FORCE enables organizations to benefit from connected healthcare to get engaged and inform the users of all necessary information for a more personalized experience.

To understand how a health cloud is best for your business let’s discuss the features and benefits of the salesforce health cloud in detail.

What are the features of Salesforce health cloud?

Salesforce health cloud is a dynamic functionality platform that resolves revolves around patients’ data and history, specially designed for clinical settings 

The main features of the health cloud are the following: 

Patient Overview 

Healthcare providers can view the patient’s history with just one click and get the current state of the health, patient history, medical history, personal history, and medicines current state of the patient.

Increased interaction 

The health cloud enables patients and doctors to interact with each other anywhere, anytime to provide a more personalized experience. 

Easy Treatment Plans

Health cloud enables doctors, individualized healthcare programs, and future treatment plans according to the requirements of the patient’s medical conditions in a simple and effective manner

Personalized Experience

Each patient can get personalized healthcare services without any hassle or inconsistent sight or security flaws. Doctors can get the data of each patient in one place which helps them to proceed with the treatment.

EHR Integration 

Integration of electronic health records (EHR) provided by the salesforce health cloud enables doctors to keep a track record of treatment plans that are associated with the goals of effective services

What are the benefits of the Salesforce Health Cloud?

1. Benefits for Providers 

Patient History: A simple click in one place allows the doctor to quickly access information about each patient’s history, problems, and prior treatments. Increased productivity and more individualized experiences are made possible by the health cloud, which eliminates time, energy, and financial costs.

Healthcare Programs: Doctors may create individualized healthcare plans, or treatment plans for each patient using the healthcare cloud, taking into account their needs and medical problems. It is beneficial for the caregivers as well to be aware of the treatment strategy.

Personalized Experience: Because of the healthcare cloud, patients and caregivers may communicate with one another without integrating any personal information on any device, at any time, from anywhere. It helps them to have a more customized experience to establish a strong and reliable patient-doctor connection for effective treatment.

2. Benefits for Payers 

Management care programs: Due to Smart utilization management and proactive risk identification, including real-time integration, and legacy systems organizations can get complete information about the members and be able to understand the incomplete journey from enrollment to services. 

Personalized Member Services: Agents have access to all of the member’s information in the health cloud, allowing them to offer more individualized experiences with the aid of the comprehensive and intelligent recommendations offered there. Users and members communicate with one another and receive more individualized experiences as a result, and services and support are provided quickly and in-depth.

Member Journey’s Management: Salesforce Health Cloud supplied healthcare sectors with automated processes, omnichannel communications, and pre-built templates so that agents could connect with members at every stage of their journey and quickly obtain all the information they needed without any bother or security concerns. 

3. Benefits for Biotech/Pharma Companies

Scaling Patients Compliance: The health cloud enables patients to get their medicines on time through sign-ups, authorization, and a tracking system. It also assists in scaling therapy-specific programs for the organization to provide more effective treatment to each patient and reduce the operational systems’ cost.

Personalization and HCP Experience of Patient: Health cloud enables organizations of biotech and Pharma, where they can meet the patients and HCPs anywhere any time on any mobile device to get engaged with them more individually. The case management abilities of the health cloud enable them to track the record of the air condition. Also can get all the information about your medical history to get an immediate understanding of the patient’s history to fulfill their requirements at the moment.

Collection and Analysis of Information: It is easy to collect and analyze all the critical information of the patient within the health cloud platform anywhere at any time such as preauthorization, a product complaint, any adverse incident, etc.

4. Benefits for Medical Devices Companies

Empowerment of sales and account teams: With the use of real-time insights tasks, automation, and consolidated data, sales teams, and accounting teams may easily interact and engage with each other to offer invisibility and agreement conditions.

Account-based forecasting: Forecasting models by market, product line, and geography are made possible by Einstein AI. With the product, finance, and sales teams, these may be developed in cooperation.

Enhances positive outcomes and experiences of patients: Through omnichannel platforms, patients can get more personalized programs and get more effective treatment without any operational cost or time.


The salesforce health cloud has proven to be the ideal option for healthcare organizations in terms of giving patients, staff members, and physicians instant information as well as more individualized experiences. 

At a single location inside a health cloud platform, patients and caregivers are given more liberty on their travels and can establish more trustworthy patient-doctor relationships. Hence, if you’re sick of handling patients, data, and operational costs, use the health cloud and connect with Salesforce consulting firms to profit from it and grow your healthcare company. DTC FORCE empowers organizations to build health clouds in their healthcare businesses. Contact us for more personalized and timely services.


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