#InvestInOutPlanet – Increase focus on embracing digital transformation and building sustainable businesses.

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We don’t want to be just part of the conversation but to become part of the movement. 

Sustainable thought and action can pioneer the kind of change that improves our livelihood not just for us but also for generations to come. 

It’s time to invest in our planet – act, innovate and implement initiatives to build an equitable, greener and sustainable future.🌎

☁️ DTC Force believes that everyone is accounted for, and each is accountable. As a remote-first and remote-friendly company, spread across the globe, we are doing the most to reduce our carbon footprint 🌎

👉 We are building a community of professionals that facilitate businesses like yours to become part of the green revolution. Your success is ours, and we want to do more than just the bare minimum.

👉 We want to unite teams by building stronger relationships between employees, companies and customers.

👉 We’re bringing the full power of Salesforce to create a sustainable future by accelerating the world’s largest businesses to net zero.

👉 Our business process optimization initiatives have propelled changemakers in industries like construction and engineering to adopt sustainable practices and go digital.

👉 We’re helping them implement a carbon-neutral cloud. The onus is on us to monitor our environmental impact by reducing emissions, specifically in categories like work from anywhere, infrastructure, business travel, and supply chain.

🔁 This is a continuous process, and we encourage you to do what you can while we work towards making our processes better and greener, #investinourplanet and be a part of the green revolution!


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