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We are a force to be reckoned with.

Your business automation journey begins here. Increase organizational efficiency by zeroing in on process constraints and digitizing your operations with the Salesforce platform. Our business consultants go above and beyond to align your strategies and growth objectives with your vision.  

At DTC Force, we offer salesforce consulting that brings industry-specific solutions to maximize your potential. We are driven to get you scalable growth that keeps pace with the changing business landscape. Our personalized solutions transform your customer and employee experiences without reinventing the wheel.

Here’s how we put FORCE in your Salesforce.


Our business consultants understand current bottlenecks, and your requirements to get a clear picture of your vision.


The implementation team acquires the data and sets milestones with you for the final project delivery. We schedule training and provide support throughout the business automation process and after implementation.


Once you’re on track to reaching your business outcome, we offer continued support to optimize the CRM strategy as you grow. You can also opt for our Remote Administrator Services.


We cut through the noise and help you choose the best Salesforce product for your needs. Our tailored solutions for the salesforce platform are the talk of the town.

Milestones We Have Achieved

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Geographic Focus
Taking multiple industries by a storm

Paving the way for digital transformation by understanding and overcoming your unique challenges. 


Collaborate with customers, dealers and distributors efficiently at each stage of the product life cycle. 

High Tech

Deliver seamless customer experiences, and increase time-to-value with an optimized Salesforce platform. 

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improving patient outcomes, reducing costs while increasing value of care with a holistic view of stakeholders and putting people first. 


Business automation that improves coordination and collaboration and increases the bottom line. 

Financial Services

Better customer relationships with data-driven insights that turn challenges into opportunities in Fin-tech. 

Professional Services

Create digital experiences with Salesforce consulting that take products to market quicker.

You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Take a look at some of our client success stories.

On Point

Salesforce consulting services included creating a unique and custom data structure to support their rapidly expanding customer base, while offering a comprehensive customer journey from sale to onboarding & installation.

watson living sales cloud

Watson Living

Built and configured Salesforce to optimize their sales processes and Salesforce platform. We created an efficient system to help them access relevant information swiftly.  


Supported their business development and account management tier with Salesforce configuration. Re-engineered the lead-account-opportunity flow, and integrated MailChimp. 

Suite Talkers

Defined and managed the lead account, contact, and opportunity processes. We also supported their integration of QuickBooks to make invoicing a breeze.

The Hull Firm

Facilitated the firm’s expansion and helped them scale their project by adding users of a new division to the existing Salesforce build. Created a division for their Criminal Defense wing – an individual unit on the same template. 

Dumsptr Xpress

Built and configured the Salesforce Sales Cloud to optimize the Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity processes. Made a unified data structure to make follow-ups easier with their client base. 


Case Studies

Lorenzo needed a partner to rescue their Salesforce implementation

Through the magic of an end-to-end gap analysis and robust implementation; Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team was able to unlock the true potential of Salesforce.

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Increase in operational efficiency
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Increase in dog trainers
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Increase in Salesforce utilization

Lorenzo Dog Training

Hear it straight from our clients

Will May
Noble Gas Solutions

“DTC did great work, they felt like part of our company while we were working on the project. They scoped everything out and really helped us step back and see the 50,000-foot view, and then zoom in on implementation. We could not be happier with the results of our project. We would recommend them to anyone for highly skilled customer-focused assistance with Salesforce implementations.”

Jes Stumpf
Vermont Surrogacy

I had worked on a Salesforce build with another company, who did not complete the project and left it in an unusable state of disarray. DTCForce took on the project, revamped it and completed it with great knowledge and efficiency. I have worked with them to make further improvements and plan to under go another major project with them in the New Year.”

Andy Lazarakis

“Jawad Nasser and Jack Grewal were excellent. They helped us to stay on schedule, were flexible in meeting with us when needed, and responsive to our needs for assistance. Excellent process, would both choose them again and recommend them to others.”

Sam Baker
United States Asset Recovery

“As far as efficiency, flexibility, and overall project evaluation: you all have been excellent business partners and we have had nothing but a good experience. We’re more than satisfied with all your’s efforts.”

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