MTCA Salesforce Implementation Case study by DTC Force

Harmonizing the musical coaching process for MTCA

MTCA is a leading institution specializing in musical theater auditions that offers a unique learning experience to its students. MTCA tasked DTC Force for a Salesforce implementation solution. Before working with DTC Force, MTCA faced a significant challenges in managing its coaching process.

MTCA, proud leader in developing the next generation of performing artists, and equally important is their personalized team approach. They expertly pair students and coaches, and apply their uniquely comprehensive knowledge of the college audition process to deliver a proven track record of artistic acceptances. MTCA has built a network of experts in each element of college audition process, help their students at every step.

Challenges of implementing Salesforce solution

However, MTCA struggled with a lack of a centralized platform to manage the coaching process. Without an automated process, they had to manually logging each step which is both time-consuming and caused more errors. They needed a central platform to log students into Salesforce and manage student profiles, event registrations as well as class registrations, and coach information.


DTC Force created a coaching portal that would eliminate the requirement of Salesforce licenses per coach and future students. DTC Force achieved this by platform development, in addition to configuration, and customization of a Salesforce External Website.

What was the key feature of the Salesforce implementation?

With our wide range of expertise, we suggested a custom solution for MTCA, morever, the key feature of the implementation was the Coach Portal, which was built using Salesforce external website features and Visualforce pages. 

This portal allowed coaches to log in and interact with the system, view registration requests, add class bookings in Salesforce, view all of their current sessions, and finalize classes by adding dates and times.

How did DTC Force help them maximize their potential?

✅ The Coach Portal allowed MTCA to streamline its coaching process and eliminate manual work. This resulted in saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

✅  Integration with WordPress and WooCommerce allowed MTCA to log orders placed on their website into Salesforce and tag them against a student’s class/session.

✅ Salesforce pulled receipts/payment confirmations from WooCommerce and tagged them against the student’s profile, streamlining the payment process.

✅ Notifications were set to inform not only students but also the coaches about class/session reminders and payment confirmations.

✅ User setup, reports, and user training allowed MTCA to set up users with access rights based on their roles. And also provided 5 hours of training to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

✅ MTCA centralize its data and have a single source of truth by uploading and mapping 50,000 records into Salesforce.


Implementing the Coach Portal using Salesforce external website and integration with WordPress + WooCommerce allowed MTCA to streamline their coaching process and eliminate manual processes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. The platform was future-proofed to allow for a Student Portal in phase 2 of the project, furthermore, the user setup, reports, and training provided a smooth transition to the new platform. Overall, the project successfully provided MTCA with a centralized platform for managing its coaching process.



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