DTC Force Case Study: Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team

DTC Force carried out a detailed health check for Lorenzo and during the discovery phase plenty of valuable insights came through, which proved vital for us to suggest these corrective measures.

  • Lorenzo went from 50 initially, to now over 100 users working on Salesforce daily, and using our designed system to stay ahead in the industry.
  • Customized Sales Cloud and Partner Portal capture relevant and accurate information while the trainers spend more time in training.
  • Business and financial logic embedded into the system via APEX.

Since 1987, Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team are responsible for the training of thousands of dogs in the Cleveland area and are now placing trainers all over the world to spread Lorenzo’s technique and philosophy. This organization brands itself as a serious dog training outfit and keeping dogs in happy homes and out of shelters. With growth came other challenges in the organization and they decided to adapt Salesforce as their primary CRM. The robust design and data management assisted trainers in Lorenzo’s team to create training agreements, log training appointments and also create progress reports once they had been assigned to a client and their dog.

When a big-name Platinum partner dropped the ball, Lorenzo’s Dog Training was ready to give up on Salesforce…

❌ Huge amount of money spent meant Lorenzo’s didn’t want to talk to implementation partners anymore – until they decided to give DTC a chance.

❌ In-depth assessment concluded that although a data structure existed that held certain process inputs, it was not comprehensive.

❌ There was also a process in place to execute data entries and obtain reports but it was not intuitive and incomplete.

❌ The previous implementation partner had used standard objects, standard layouts and standard flows to map their processes, which was in no way sufficient for Lorenzo’s team with the bandwidth of data their team was handling.

When Lorenzo signed up for our services, we discussed their pressing needs in detail and identified the gaps in their Salesforce build that needed attention immediately. 

✅  DTC was able to revamp their existing processes using custom flows whereby Lorenzo’s team was able to capture not only their standard procedures but also the exceptions that drive their daily business.

✅  Lorenzo went from 50 initially, to now over 100 users working on Salesforce daily, and using our designed system to stay updated and competitive in the industry.

✅  DTC streamlined their business process, leverage more of Salesforce’s technology all while creating a unique solution that was the right fit.

✅  DTC created automated workflows so the trainers spend more time in training while making sure the data captured is accurate and relevant.

✅  DTC customized their Sales Cloud and Partner Portal so that they see and capture relevant information while also creating a custom document generation module and a custom e-signature module to speed up end to end sales process; not to mention the business and financial logic that was embedded into the system via APEX.

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