Top 7 Salesforce Trends in 2022

Salesforce is the leading CRM solution paving the way for emerging organizations to improve customer engagement. As the platform evolves, it continues to implement innovative marketing automation solutions for new age organizations.

Personalized campaigns and customer journeys via the Marketing Cloud that get better outreach and improved sales productivity with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud are just two examples of unparalleled marketing automation solutions.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more Salesforce and Salesforce marketing cloud has to offer.

Let’s look at some more Salesforce trends that will become even more popular in 2022.

Slack-First Customer 360

The significance of portals has skyrocketed since the outbreak of COVID. Companies started using these tools to collaborate with other businesses online more easily and streamline their operations with better communication.

Salesforce purchased Slack in 2020 to develop this new tool. During COVID, remote working and hybrid workplaces became a norm around the world and the slack-first customer 360 in a response to that trend.

Customers can interact, collaborate, and perform other business activities through Slack-first customer 360 and other Salesforce marketing tools and apps. It also facilitates cross-departmental collaboration through different channels.

The integration of Salesforce with slack-first customer 360 interface and other CRM solutions enables users to automate their day-to-day operations, making their jobs easier, more precise, and more adaptable.

Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0

Salesforce health cloud 2.0 has empowered several medical institutes and healthcare workers to optimize their workflows and make customized patient treatment plans. Salesforce also made changes to its health cloud after the COVID-19 outbreak to better deal with patient influx at healthcare centers.

The new CRM system has a post-COVID framework that allows users to provide effective healthcare services to patients. Some improved features include contact tracing, vaccination management, and other health assessment tools.

The new CRM solution makes it easier to manage vaccination data, test providers, and targeted communication. Moreover, this new tool empowers healthcare businesses to provide value-driven care from anywhere and to provide patients with hybrid and customized healthcare solutions.

The 2021 Salesforce event, Dreampass used Health Cloud 2.0, which enabled COVID-19 security logs for each attendee.

Data and System Integration

It is a new Salesforce tool that allows customers to enjoy a seamless customer service experience. This tool helps provide data driven customized experience to customers, and creating a more memorable impact. Moreover, it is helps organizations to make smarter decisions through marketing automation solutions.

Organizations can integrate with MuleSoft Inc.’s web based integration program. Moreover, comprehensive audience segmentation, data unification, and more improvements will be possible in 2022.

This integration-focused approach to Salesforce product development can potentially help create a future CRM tool ROI that is higher than predicted.


Hyper-force helps organizations to access the public cloud. It is an innovative tool that allows organizations to store data in specific regions to meet business compliance requirements. A hyper-force setup improves domestic performance by reducing the distance between data centers and end users.  

Hyper-force also helps save time because resources are readily available and easily accessible. This tool is currently accessible in India, Australia, Germany, and US. However, Salesforce aims to make it accessible in 16 countries by the end of 2022.

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator

Orchestration is a process that allows multiple series of tasks to work together. Businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to maintain an ideal workflow. A bad workflow can result in lost revenue, low customer satisfaction, unproductivity, and miscalculations. The flow orchestrator helps organizations to obtain marketing solution automation, which helps save money, time, and effort.  

A single user can provide an adequate context and the administrator can analyze the workflow to get better results. This trend will increase the flexibility and productivity of a business.

Salesforce Einstein

Artificial Intelligence can enable digital tools to understand a concept and work like a human. This Salesforce tool helps organizations to increase their revenue by investing less time and effort. It helps organizations to study customer behavior and use that data to make more informed decisions.

Artificial intelligence helps speed up the process of business by eliminating irrelevant details. Moreover, Salesforce Einstein is a precise tool that optimizes the business process and makes it more efficient.

Salesforce Block-chain

The block-chain technology has proved its significance and it will continue to gain popularity in 2022. The Salesforce block-chain offers a trusted platform to users for exchanging data with another Salesforce member or a third party person. It allows users to store sensitive data and information without worrying about time or money.

Salesforce block-chain will help organizations to reduce their security-related efforts. Moreover, it also saves them from the inefficient process of tracking and tracing data from different Salesforce members. Overall, this trend will help organizations to gain customer trust and earn more revenue.

Overall, these additions and improvements will enable Salesforce Service Cloud to become a more trusted and dependable marketing automation solution. CRM Solution, whilst enabling organizations to continually benefit from Salesforce marketing through its adept marketing cloud.




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