Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team - Success Story


Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team

Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team is the 2nd largest dog training company in the United States with services provided across all states.

Lorenzo’s primary issue was managing 100+ trainers across the US without a unified platform. Lorenzo team went through a few months of salesforce implementation with another organization, however lack business understanding led to an incorrect implementation.

Through DTCForce’s discovery and gap analysis - we determined the current state of the company after their initial implementation, and provided an assessment report on their current build. Once we pinpointed their future goals and discovered where they wanted to be, we were able to demonstrate what the company wanted from the system was attainable, in doing so restoring their faith in the platform.

We developed a customization to focus on data capture and process streamlining.

  • Realign object relationships

  • Created a layer of custom logic that would enhance the process and enable a workflow

  • Created a User Interface layer that allowed a single point data manipulation and prompt user actions to further the process

  • Enabled code logic to capture data from the User Interface and save it back to the underlying data structure

Overall, Lorezno’s dog training team is extremely happy that DTCForce helped them recoup their investment within Salesforce.

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