Vermont Surrogacy Network - Success Story


Vermont Surrogacy

provides families throughout New England and the world with an ethical, affordable, and supportive environment in which intended parents and gestational carriers are matched and guided through the process of surrogacy.

As the previous partner did not understand the business process and industry, this became a rescue project that had DTCForce save the day.

The company needed a strict, regulated and private network that needed to be HIPAA compliant which they could use as a platform in order to use as a main hub to match various surrogates with intended parents. One of the primary concerns of the client was to keep the health and privacy of the patient's/parents confidential.

We started with a complete Salesforce rebuild

“I was very impressed with how quickly the team familiarize themselves with my project, as I had worked with a developer in the past that I had to end my project with, as it was not up to the quality they had proposed. This team easily picked up the project and expedited the completion of the project with ease and clarity.” - Jessica Stumpf - CEO, Vermont Surrogacy Network.

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