Success Story #5: HLS Clients

Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) is an industry we're proud to support. Here are a few examples projects we've worked on in the HLS arena. 

Martab Medical

Martab is a US based company that sells & rents medical equipment and instruments to Hospitals

We were tasked with automating all 5 of their sales processes: rentals, asset disposition, refurbished capital equipment, RFID SkyTek, and biomed service. 

In addition to this we had to develop a multi layered and dynamic rental profile of all their current clients and potential leads.

DTC Force successfully fulfilled their requirements by creating

  • Custom objects
  • Triggers
  • Workflows
  • Multiple price books
  • Multiple quotes
  • A separate data structure for their rental profile with 80 custom fields


Xenolite, makers of custom aprons and equipment for the medical industry, required a custom process flow and data structure to capture their sales process via Salesforce.

With an internal and external sales team Xenolite also needed a fully functional community portal.

To add to the complexity, their data structure needed to replicate their specific data sheets; this online data sheet then needed to be accessible to the public to place orders. A custom VF page driven process was designed for this.

To complete their process automation it was required that we integrate Salesforce to Quickbooks and automatically sync their Sales order to initiate their financial processes.

A historic data import of ~ 50k and a seamless integration to Quickbooks was successfully done and the project closed.


CVSNY is a boutique cosmetic clinic in the heart of New York.

They wanted to use salesforce to log each activity from the point that they receive an inquiry call to when the client leaves after completing their procedure, including their treatment and procedure details.

This meant that in addition to heavily customizing Salesforce and embedding numerous workflows & triggers, we would have to also plug in a call center system, a workflow driven SMS app and a calendar scheduler app to manage their appointments.

To provide them with the ideal solution DTC Force integrated RingCentral as a call center app, Trumpia as a workflow based SMS app, and developed 30+ custom workflows and triggers.

CVSNY can now:

  • Receive calls
  • Send out auto text messages based on workflows & clients history
  • Schedule appointments
  • Record customer, treatment & procedure details
  • Record payment details
  • Close out the client right out of salesforce.

National Allergy

National Allergy wanted DTC Force to customize their Salesforce build so that they could register doctors and where they work, and find out which doctor needs what flyers (out of 25) mailed. 

The complexity arose when we had to design a MANY-to-MANY relationship between doctors and locations because one doctor could work at multiple locations and a single location could have multiple doctors working there.

DTC Force successfully fulfilled their requirements using

  • Custom objects
  • Custom Triggers
  • Custom Workflows
  • Data upload of ~ 80K records
  • Creating a separate data structure with ~ 150 custom fields

After setting up their mailing automation we then focused on automating their sales process.

To do this another data structure was designed to capture all their information and trickle it through the sales process. A data structure of no less than 80 custom fields.

To enable this process we then needed to integrate Salesforce to Magento which held all their products and customer data. A successful integration to Magento and a historic data uploaded of ~100k rows closed the project.




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