How to Integrate Social Media Accounts with Salesforce in 3 Easy Steps

Social Media is a vital part of your business marketing and a great way to ensure you have a means of giving customer service that goes above and beyond.

How to Integrate Social Media Accounts

Step 1: Enable Social Accounts and Contacts

  • Go to the top right-hand corner of your SalesForce dashboard and click the gear icon, then click “Setup.”

  • Use the “Quick Find” feature on the left-hand side to type in, and then select, “Social Accounts and Contacts Settings.”

  • Click “Enable Social Accounts and Contacts.”

Step 2: Connect Accounts

  • Select the social networks that are relevant to your organization.

  • Click “Save.”

  • To make Twitter accessible in the Salesforce app, add the Twitter card to the Mobile Cards section of the accounts, contacts, and leads page layouts.

Step 3: Communicate with Your Team

  • Your team can now access your social media accounts.

  • Let team members know they can make post from your social accounts, make changes to Contacts and interact with Leads.

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