Real Estate CRM App with Geographic Intelligence


This project began as a simple salesforce CRM implementation with customized lead management. However, further iterations required us to incorporate complex processes that run in the background of a Real Estate business.

By the time the project and all its iterations were completed we had developed for our client an end-to-end Real Estate management system for a large scale realtor which acquires properties, renovates and disposes them off as rentals.

We were also mandated to build into the system Geographic Intelligence for calculating bidding/purchase price of properties based on various scores such as livability score, third-party score and portfolio score.

The end product was so comprehensive that it had Inspection Portal pages for outside inspectors to provide their assessment of properties through inspection checklists.

Tenant portal for tenants to log complaints, view their payables and pay their dues and investor portal for investors to see GIS based calculations in the form of heat map for viewing most suitable locations to invest.

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