Yasmin Khot


Zameer Mulla

Founder & CEO

Digital Technology is now one of the leading technology companies in the world. Starting out with just a 2 person operation, Yasmin & Zameer laid down the seeds for DT in May 2000. 

Client Services


There is no challenge that is too great for this experienced Cloud based Consultant who has been helping companies streamline their business processes. My wisdom and patience in solving any organizational issue has led clients to call him the “Dali Lama” of DTCForce. My background includes I.T., Business and software development. I spend my evenings and weekends in the gym and watching the raptors when they are playing. Go Raps!




Passionate about problem solving and Salesforce.com platform. Before I jumped into the magnificent world of salesforce, I was an IT engineer and learned valuable knowledge of many business solutions and the creative ways to alleviate pain points of business management. You will meet me during the on boarding process of clients where we will continue to learn about you and your processes in order to present the best possible solution. Firm believer of “every problem has a solution”. I spend my evenings and weekends coaching/leading my cricket team and hiking to spend time in the nature.


From a professional musician to a strong business leader, Shawn is passionate and driven about everything he puts his mind to. His interests include music, sports, theology and philanthropy. As a Business Development Executive at DTC Force, Shawn’s business acumen is built upon two guiding principles; do what you say you’re going to do and to exemplify the golden rule in his dealings with customers, colleagues, family and friends.



From professional soccer star to Salesforce consultant. A NCAA 2-time Hall of Famer, drafted by the Chicago Fire of the MLS, now spends his time drafting up SOW’s. I strive to be impactful with relevant solutions to connect with customers to show them the value of Cloud based solutions. I thrive in collaborative environments where exchanging ideas and concepts is encouraged. When I am not in the cloud, I am usually on a soccer field, the gym or in a plane on my way to my next travel adventure.




Rock climbing, trekking, or surfing are where you can find Joseph when he's not at work. As a bi-coastal Canadian, Joseph serves our clients in Vancouver and Toronto. His experience working in the advertising industry gives our clients a competitive advantage when brining their Pardot and other online marketing projects to life. 


Operations & Implementations

Jawad Nasir

Ashish Garg

Om Prakash

Jitender Bhatia

Paarth Jolly