Simply put, using ERP makes your business faster, leaner and smarter.

ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning) systems allow your entire business to share accurate information in real time.

Running any business requires a variety of functions: accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain and HR, among others. But how do you get them to work together seamlessly? Your business likely uses an array of systems (and complicated spreadsheets) to manage each function.

That’s where ERP comes in.

An ERP system creates a single, user-friendly database that enables everyone in your organization to make powerful, instant, and data-driven decisions based on accurate information. That means no data duplication, no out-of-date information, and no communication delays between departments.

For instance, as soon as a customer places an order with your sales team, every other department is instantly notified. The inventory and shipping departments can immediately fulfill the request. The accounting team can create an invoice and update financial statements. HR can anticipate staffing requirements in advance. ERP allows for all of this to be done without emails and costly delays.

Your customers receive their products and services faster; you get paid faster; and you never have to guess how many resources you have in inventory.

The implications for your bottom line are clear:

  • Increased efficiency,

  • Reduced waste,

  • Lower costs,

  • Happier customers,

  • & Faster growth.


Imagine instantly sharing customer updates throughout your entire organization while streamlining your business and eliminating costly processes. What would that mean for your profitability? We can help you get there.

Experience the combined power of the top cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and the efficiency of an ERP system.

DTC Force is a market leader in ERP Salesforce integration for growing organizations. We are official members of Salesforce’s Consulting Partner Program and expert power users. Our successful implementation process has enabled our clients to increase profitability by eliminating unnecessary processes and driving sales intelligence.

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