Stentech wanted DTC Force to enable territory based automatic client assignment to a team of no less than three users, who would simultaneously work on the lead, pushing it through their sales process. In addition, they needed to capture all events that resulted in the conversion of their leads. DTC Force integrated Salesforce with NetSuite, which they use as their ERP.

✓ Sales Cloud, Pardot, Community

✓ Mapanything

✓ Netsuite


LBMX needed very specific customizations to enable contracts and asset creation from opportunity and quotes. Using targeted workflows, DTCForce automated assets and contracts and implemented a document generator to develop 20 unique document templates using Conga.

✓ Sales Cloud

✓ Conga – document Generator


CVS wanted to use Salesforce to log each activity from the point that they receive an inquiry call to when the client leaves after completing their procedure, including their treatment and procedural details. In addition to heavily customizing Salesforce and embedding numerous workflows & triggers, DTCForce plugged in a call center system, a workflow driven SMS app, and a calendar scheduler app to manage their appointments.

✓ Sales Cloud

✓ Trumpia SMS app, Booker 25 schedular app

✓ Ringcentral


A complete Pardot solution was implemented to enable their marketing team to increase their outreach. DTC Force created dynamic Pardot lists based on multiple criteria that defined their programs and students, which enabled them to send campaigns out of Pardot using a comprehensive drip program.

✓ Pardot


DTC Force customized Salesforce to capture Heineken’s market survey and feedback process. From logging every single activity of a Brand Ambassador, logging surveys, creating and resolving issues. DTC Force automated the entire cycle.

✓ Sales Cloud

✓ Mapanything


Media sonar wanted a comprehensive web form to capture their leads and push them into Salesforce. They also wanted to integrate two separate Mail chimp accounts for their outbound campaigns. This unique requirement of integrating two mail chimp accounts was handled by implementing and customizing an app exchange app, which seamlessly integrated their two accounts.

✓ Sales Cloud & Web to lead

✓ Cloud chimp

✓ Mailchimp


For CFP, DTC Force automated their sales process where they sell variants of wood in bulk.  Managing inventory, creating product specifications on the fly and quoting based on dynamically updated freight rates, are only some of the highlights of this project. To enable their process DTC Force created a new product custom object that dynamically created combinations of wood specifications to come up with any number of combinations.  DTC Force also created objects to load, display and calculate inventory, logistic and shipping rates.

✓ Sales Cloud


DTC Force customized Salesforce to capture the complete sales and implementation cycle of industrial installation and implementation projects. DTC Force enabled deal tracking, contract & agreement creation, followed by tracking of all aspects of the project’s implementation. This included automatically creating, tagging and costing each Bill of Material and peripheral expenses like air fare. In addition, several triggers and workflows were created to supplement process flows at every stage of the process.

✓ Sales Cloud

✓ Quickbooks